Recycled Gifts!

No, I do not mean giving people the gifts you did not like. Although, let's be honest if your like me and someone gives you a great gift but it's the wrong size... I won't ask for a receipt so I have been known to regift or I been also known to rework a item to make it mine. But I am letting myself get away from the main point of this blog post.

I use older items to make brand new things. Oh you love those ovenmits I made you? Well, they were a sweater a few days ago. Oh, That nifty new rug in the kitchen? Yeah, that was made out of old socks I been collecting for a while. Why? Because, who really wants to send pounds of garbage to the dump.

So, Let's get started shall we? We have 119 days until Christmas so let's get some crafting on!! Listed below are 10 great Pinterest links of recycled crafts you can do with everyday items you probably have sitting around the house. Some of these crsfts are great for doing a family activity with the kid's. Please remember to show these amazing pinners love by following them on Pinterest or thier Blog's.

  1. Snowman Everything!
  2. Reusing Old Jars!
  3. Recycled Paper Gifts!
  4. Gifts Made From Old K-Cup Holders
  5. Old Wine or Bear Bottles
  6. Salt Dough
  7. Decorations and Mini Gifts
  8. Old Sweater Craft's 
  9. Use Those Old Jeans
  10. Plastic Bottle Crafts


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