Getting Your Home Ready For Cooler Months!

Okay,  I know what your thinking. Yes, I do love in a oven however quite a bit of my readers do not. So I took to the lists when i saw my garden savey cousin start mentioning the cooler mornings. So I decided we could all look and see what winter prep any of us could do.

One suggestion that seems to come across all the lists and suggestions I have seen is prepare to caulk and weather strip your windows. Hey people that live in a oven guess what it works with keeping the A.C. in as well.

If you have a fireplace now would be a great time to get it cleaned and maintained as well if you use it regularly during the winter. Also if you have snowblower and chainsaws you keep handy for winter weather it would be a great time to have it repaired just in case. Who really wants to be stuck without especially if you need it?

Another great thing to do is get those rain gutters cleaned out repaired and if needed rescreened and painted. Being proactive could save you time and money especially if they have become loose with summer storms.

As long as your in a cleaning mood I would suggest cleaning out any of your spare space heaters as well as any vented or gas heaters.

Maintain that lawn as well! Us people in the south don't worry about snow but keeping our lawn maintained and weeds gone helps us with a lot of upkeep. Personally for me i like keeping a short lawn during the winter to make sure its not a lot of extra work.

Winterize your pipes! Spend the extra money and get those pipes ready for winter so you don't need to worry about burst pipes and floods.

Another suggestion I saw which made me laugh because I have seen family and friends cook on the grill with eight foot snowbank. But maintenance is a good idea this time of year especially with a thorough cleaning inside and out.

Do you have outdoor items that you'll be putting away after labor day? I would suggest you start prepping where you will be putting it to make it easier on yourself when storage time comes.

 Remember to also door a roof check soon. Loose tile or shingles can make for a very expensive repair. Get ahead of the game now and be prepared. Also while your up there if you see any branches hanging low I would suggest cutting them back so a winter storm does not cause damage to your roof.

These suggestions are not just a Northern state thing either.  I been working on getting my property taken care of because you never know when bad weather or cool weather might come in.

Till Next Time!


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