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Count Down Till The End Of School Year

Mom and Dads DO NOT PANIC!! This is just a helpful reminder!
Most moms (and dads) know what this means!  Kids will be home all day every day for summer vacation which means your semi-clean house will resemble a hurricane or some other catastrophe.  Well, there are some things we moms (or dads) can do to get the house in order for the kick off to summer vacation.  First things first don't worry about it! Being with your kids is the most important thing so seriously make memories and don't worry about the mess.  But before the last day of school, there are a few easy things you can do to help take the stress off of cleaning your house over the summer.
1. Go through their closets and clothes ahead of time.  You know those pants were getting a little snug for them and will not make it until next year go ahead now and pull them and set them aside.  Why you're at it do a once over on their dressers as well. You might as well hit your closet as well and just get it done.
2. Do a…