Post Christmas Cleaning

As we finish our Christmas celebrations and the New Year is upon us most of us are starting to think of their New Year's resolutions.  I know on most New Year's resolutions list are the basics lose weight, be a better person and one that is always on my list organize the house after the holidays.  Now I know for some of you single peeps that is an easy day or two cleaning sprees.  But for some of us people it is an, oh my god my kids are home we wait till they head back to school cleaning spree.  Let's face it most moms who do this work full or part time jobs plus go to school.  This doesn't include the fact that most moms are actually taxi cabs and we are always on the move.  So how can we really make a go at this beginning of the year cleaning spree?  Well as a mom of four kids at home that not only works full time at a company, I work part time from home as well as working on my own company. The best suggestion is getting a plan.

When I start making my plans to get my great clean on I have a bunch of different factors that go into the planning.  Living here in Florida I have to consider the weather or if the kids are going to be home, and my work schedule.  I then also consider if I am going to be working on the outside of the house as well as the inside of the house.  So after I answer all of my questions and get a plan in my head I decide to put pen or pencil to paper.  I usually will draw a picture of my house and make pointed notes inside and out all over my drawing, such as in my room I make a note to make sure the dresser gets cleaned out or working the full shelving unit.  My list also includes cleaning the walls, cleaning fans, and spraying for bugs and starting the year off with a clean slate.

But to some people cleaning out the house can mean different things to different people.  Such as people clean out the clothes from their closets and dressers.  Or for some people getting the garage cleaned out makes them awesome!!  For me, one of my weird winter cleaning to-dos is actually me planting the seeds to make my starter plants for my garden and moving my garden (since it's all in pots) from inside to outside.

The most important thing is to do what makes you happy to get your New Year off to a clean fresh start.  So good luck on your New Year's Resolution and you're cleaning.  For myself, I have my own New Years cleaning to do.  So I better get to making my list I have a ton to do!

Happy New Years


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