Home Base!!!

      When working from home plus running your own business things can get tricky when trying to locate a spot you can call your own.  Until this past Sunday I was was using a corner in my bedroom as my stock area as well as part of the dining room for my office. I however discovered that this  wasn't going to work very well since the man was already getting annoyed with the large amount of containers being left in the house.  But it all worked out because I actually started my own office on my enclosed porch. Now I know what your going to say, 'But Angie isn't that were you have your garden?'  Why, yes my loves it is. But since "Winter is coming!" and thanks to the last two storms that came through my garden has shrunk considerably. Since I need stock at hand and a place to craft I figured why not just take over the porch 100 percent.  Well not 100 because the kids like to use my big round table for their homework and who can complain with that.  I still have a few more things that need to be done out there like changing out the electrical outlet , running some lights and putting up some home made curtains but its better then it was and much more organized.  Plus I get to be in my garden as well so it a win win situation.
     But seriously besides giving the tour of my business I started writing this to remind everyone the importance of having your own space to do what you need to do.  If you work from home being organized and having your own personal space can be a very good thing.  My kids know whats out there is not to be touched unless they ask.  I know that if I leave it in the office then it won't be touched.  Also I know that I have a place to concentrate and get things done instead of having to worry about people getting loud or the TV or dog distracting me.  As a mom who works from home, freelances, blogs and writes books plus if that's not enough i have my motivational clean out services and private resale I have discovered the importance of having a quiet space. Once I get everything done out there I will be in the office most of the time when The Man and my minions are not home.
      So from one hard working from home mom or dad/ home business owner to another,  Chin up we are doing what we need to for our amazing families and finding a spot to make it work for us will help us progress even more.

Till Next Time,

Organized and labeled stock bins.  Oh plus my tomato plants next to the stock bins, during  the last tropical system the plants in the container were damaged a lot but in the last few days the plants are stronger and sprouting new leaves.
My make shift crafting center!!!  The best place for wet paint to dry or glued projects it works
Cheerful Green! The big bush is six green pepper plants and some of the survivors from the storm.
More Green Coming Soon! Another five pepper plants are srouting buds as I type so more green and garden smelling things.  The other pots on the table are from seeds I had found so we will see if they end up working out.  


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