Holiday Organizing

With the holidays coming up now is the best time to get yourself ready.  I can hear you now, "Angie its not even Halloween yet can you take the holiday stuff down a notch!" Well my loves this is a smooth plan that will help get you through the three major holidays this time of year.  Here is my helpful step by step guide on how to do this!
  • We are at the two weeks and counting before Halloween! Now would be a great time to make sure you are getting a jump on your holiday cleaning. Besides if you have not found a costume yet while you are starting to clean you can look for a costume as well.  Be creative because seriously how many Harley Quinn's and Jokers can there really be!
  • A day or two before Halloween you can look over whichever decorations your going to keep up for Thanksgiving or what your putting away what screams to much Halloween.  I use totes for my seasonal decoration storage so I normally keep it near the door to remind myself to get it done on November 1st.
  • The first week of November has now arrived and besides thinking of Tom Turkey our thoughts start thinking about what Santa or Mrs Clause is going to be putting under the tree. Now here is a great idea if you plan ahead like I do you probably have a pile of gifts sitting around.  If you need those all important wrapping supplies I normally will hit up Target or The Dollar Tree.  Why you might ask well that's simple I hate Walmart!!! Besides that Target comes out with some really unique seasonal items and Dollar tree has stepped up their game and you can pick up some seriously cute wrap.  Start wrapping and organizing now so you don't have to be shocked with last minute gifts that might need to be purchased.   Also get the head of the masses, if you ship gifts now would be the time to get the boxes ready for anything that has to go out of state.  During with time you should also be cleaning the linens, curtains and rugs make a day out of it throw on some music and rock the cleaning..
  • The week before Thanksgiving all the heavy cleaning should be done.  Tackle the chores you hate as well.  I pay my younger kids to wash the baseboards and dust the lower shelves. If your done with all the gifts going out of state and the shipping boxes are ready (remember the USPS has some rules with whats on the outside of the boxes) take a few minutes prepare to surf the web on your phone and get in line to ship the gifts now.  Shipping things this early means you can do cheap mail shipping and choose the longest time.  It saves you some money on the shipping. Also if your hosting Turkey day and people are going to be at your home for a few days freshen the blankets and make sure your ready with a few extra pantry staples that they will like. Also a great time to get your turkey day decor chosen and possibly set up.
  • Three days before thanksgiving make sure your turkey is in the fridge thawing. Today will be a good day also to clean the bathrooms and get a good dust and clean in the active areas of your home and a quick once over in the areas that are not used a lot.  You will want to relax during the holiday time so make sure your significant other and children are helping. I like to unwind with a glass of wine so I make sure I have a bottle or four lying around to share with my guests.
  • Weekend after thanksgiving is my favorite weekend of the year. Its the weekend we start decorating our house for Christmas. I am a Christmas freak and I own it.  I always make sure that I have my decorations are gathered and I make a list and me and my kids go get some new ones to add to the pile and we begin with the great decorating adventure.
  • Since you did the big clean in October and November all you have to do is so your minor cleaning. The basic rule is don't stress it!!! If you have people coming to see you then its to see you not how clean your house is.  I have a wonderful Golden Retriever named Buddy and I can make a new dog every day when we brush him then sweep.   So clean what you feel is necessary and the rest pay a teen to!
  • Two weeks before Christmas remember to freshen up your holiday guests supplies and make sure your staples are stocked up.
  • Week before Christmas is count down time!! If your like me your a holiday baker and this would be the time to get a good portion of the holiday baking done. Also pick up a assortment of batteries just in case. You do not want to buy from a gas station on Christmas day we had to do that one year and ended up spending $30.00 on ten batteries. 
  • Seven to four days before Christmas it's time to make that final Christmas list.  Anything you might possibly need now is the time to put it on paper. Also go one step further do your list by store that way your not running all over the place.
  • Three days before Christmas this is the day to escape the insanity and just get the shopping done.  If you have teens get them to help you out you can basically send then to get stuff in one area while you shop in another.  If you separated your lists by store this will go fast and easy!!  Make a game plan most adults are old enough to know the stores are going to be crowded with last minute shoppers.  Normally my teens and me hit Dunkin or Starbucks then start with the stores where we have the least amount of perishable.  Word of advice bring a cooler even though its usually cool don't risk it and it means less stops at home. Remember the only places open on Christmas day are gas stations and even those are far and few.
  • Last but not least enjoy the holiday everyone!! Celebrate those amazing and beautiful people in your life,  
I hope this gave you a little help on how to get the holiday season jumped started to make it easier for you.  I am actually on the cleaning out phase right now.  I am so excited for this Christmas season. If you have any suggestions that I could add please leave a comment.


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