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Post Christmas Cleaning

As we finish our Christmas celebrations and the New Year is upon us most of us are starting to think of their New Year's resolutions.  I know on most New Year's resolutions list are the basics lose weight, be a better person and one that is always on my list organize the house after the holidays.  Now I know for some of you single peeps that is an easy day or two cleaning sprees.  But for some of us people it is an, oh my god my kids are home we wait till they head back to school cleaning spree.  Let's face it most moms who do this work full or part time jobs plus go to school.  This doesn't include the fact that most moms are actually taxi cabs and we are always on the move.  So how can we really make a go at this beginning of the year cleaning spree?  Well as a mom of four kids at home that not only works full time at a company, I work part time from home as well as working on my own company. The best suggestion is getting a plan.

When I start making my plans to get …

Kick Off To Black Friday Shopping!!

FROM 11/25/16 till 11/29/16 all items on my resale store ordered via the email system or leaving me a comment on the item page will get all items BOGO 50% off. That's right buy one item get the second of equal or lessor Value 50% off!!!! Also all orders $50.00 or more will get free shipping!!!  Store will have stock added all weekend. Local Sales can be met for immediate pickup!

Home Base!!!

When working from home plus running your own business things can get tricky when trying to locate a spot you can call your own.  Until this past Sunday I was was using a corner in my bedroom as my stock area as well as part of the dining room for my office. I however discovered that this  wasn't going to work very well since the man was already getting annoyed with the large amount of containers being left in the house.  But it all worked out because I actually started my own office on my enclosed porch. Now I know what your going to say, 'But Angie isn't that were you have your garden?'  Why, yes my loves it is. But since "Winter is coming!" and thanks to the last two storms that came through my garden has shrunk considerably. Since I need stock at hand and a place to craft I figured why not just take over the porch 100 percent.  Well not 100 because the kids like to use my big round table for their homework and who can complain with that.  I still hav…

Holiday Organizing

With the holidays coming up now is the best time to get yourself ready.  I can hear you now, "Angie its not even Halloween yet can you take the holiday stuff down a notch!" Well my loves this is a smooth plan that will help get you through the three major holidays this time of year.  Here is my helpful step by step guide on how to do this!
We are at the two weeks and counting before Halloween! Now would be a great time to make sure you are getting a jump on your holiday cleaning. Besides if you have not found a costume yet while you are starting to clean you can look for a costume as well.  Be creative because seriously how many Harley Quinn's and Jokers can there really be!A day or two before Halloween you can look over whichever decorations your going to keep up for Thanksgiving or what your putting away what screams to much Halloween.  I use totes for my seasonal decoration storage so I normally keep it near the door to remind myself to get it done on November 1st.The …

How to Organize The Kitchen Pantry and save Money!!

What organize your kitchen pantry and save money?  How can this be possible?  Well it is possible but you have to stick to it.  I am a mom of 5 and I love to stock up on food because besides having 5 kids I have a bunch of adopted kids with my babies friends.  So saving money in the kitchen area and getting yourself organized is a very important task for me.  Well here is how you do it, Be ready to hear complaints but this is actually a full proof method especially during this time of year.
        I discovered when I would stock up some things would sit and other things would be consistently replaced.  So I stopped shopping.  That's right I went cold turkey with the exception of bread, milk, eggs, cheese, butter and fresh fruits and vegetables.   I have a chest freezer and a inside freezer plus a pantry shelving system and 4 cabinets for food.  I made a decision to use up what was in the freezer and pantries before buying more and believe me this became the best move I eve…

Angies Motivational Cleanout Services: Items For Sale!!

New Things up and posted for sale!

Angies Motivational Cleanout Services: Items For Sale!!: I ship nation wide via USPS. I accept PayPal, Western Union or Cash. We also meet locally for all deliveries within a 5 mile drive from off...

Organizing your crafting!!

People who really know me know that one of my life pleasures is crafting.  As you can see on my sell page I do have a page to where I sell my crafts.... well that is if i don't give it away to family and friends.  I think that is because my Grandma Rose took the time to teach me how to make something out of nothing.  The whole recycle crafts phase going on right now could have taken a lesson from my grams because she was amazing at taking nothing and turning it into something. But what happens when you have a ton of supplies. Well my grandma had a very disorganized craft room from the naked eye.  However she knew where it all was.  However for others we can take a lesson from a great article i just read on organizing your crafts.  Best thing is you can get most of the containers at the dollar tree.
So check out the article at findinghomeonline Pinterest pin. 
Till next time happy organizing! -Angie

Our Services!---All descriptions are being added in

Let me make this clear up front I used to be a hoarder.  I come from a family of hoarders.  But then I realized why am I holding onto so much stuff?  Then it dawned on me, I didn't know how to get rid of the stuff.  There are some people who need a little extra push. Or the general encouragement to help let go of some things that are just not needed.  So that's why I offer a variety of different services.
Basic Pick Up2 Hour Room Clean Out4 Hour Room Clean OutThe Never Ending ClosetThe Stuff Ate My GarageI Can Not Find My ShedThe Kids Room DisappearedI Want To Strangle My TeensWe are Moving And Need HelpI Was Renting Out My House and The People Moved Out And Left Everything ThereI Bought A Home or Foreclosure and The Old Owners Left EverythingI Had a Garage Sale and Want All the Leftovers GoneI Need Help Getting My Home Ready For A Yard Sale/ Moving SaleI Have A Bunch Of Junk Please Come Get It!!I Broke Up With My Ex I Need It Gone NOWI Have A Storage Unit With Stuff Just Sitti…