Recycled Gifts!

No, I do not mean giving people the gifts you did not like. Although, let's be honest if your like me and someone gives you a great gift but it's the wrong size... I won't ask for a receipt so I have been known to regift or I been also known to rework a item to make it mine. But I am letting myself get away from the main point of this blog post.

I use older items to make brand new things. Oh you love those ovenmits I made you? Well, they were a sweater a few days ago. Oh, That nifty new rug in the kitchen? Yeah, that was made out of old socks I been collecting for a while. Why? Because, who really wants to send pounds of garbage to the dump.

So, Let's get started shall we? We have 119 days until Christmas so let's get some crafting on!! Listed below are 10 great Pinterest links of recycled crafts you can do with everyday items you probably have sitting around the house. Some of these crsfts are great for doing a family activity with the kid's. Please remember …

Getting Your Home Ready For Cooler Months!

Okay,  I know what your thinking. Yes, I do love in a oven however quite a bit of my readers do not. So I took to the lists when i saw my garden savey cousin start mentioning the cooler mornings. So I decided we could all look and see what winter prep any of us could do.

One suggestion that seems to come across all the lists and suggestions I have seen is prepare to caulk and weather strip your windows. Hey people that live in a oven guess what it works with keeping the A.C. in as well.

If you have a fireplace now would be a great time to get it cleaned and maintained as well if you use it regularly during the winter. Also if you have snowblower and chainsaws you keep handy for winter weather it would be a great time to have it repaired just in case. Who really wants to be stuck without especially if you need it?

Another great thing to do is get those rain gutters cleaned out repaired and if needed rescreened and painted. Being proactive could save you time and money especially if the…

Count Down Till The End Of School Year

Mom and Dads DO NOT PANIC!! This is just a helpful reminder!
Most moms (and dads) know what this means!  Kids will be home all day every day for summer vacation which means your semi-clean house will resemble a hurricane or some other catastrophe.  Well, there are some things we moms (or dads) can do to get the house in order for the kick off to summer vacation.  First things first don't worry about it! Being with your kids is the most important thing so seriously make memories and don't worry about the mess.  But before the last day of school, there are a few easy things you can do to help take the stress off of cleaning your house over the summer.
1. Go through their closets and clothes ahead of time.  You know those pants were getting a little snug for them and will not make it until next year go ahead now and pull them and set them aside.  Why you're at it do a once over on their dressers as well. You might as well hit your closet as well and just get it done.
2. Do a…

Post Christmas Cleaning

As we finish our Christmas celebrations and the New Year is upon us most of us are starting to think of their New Year's resolutions.  I know on most New Year's resolutions list are the basics lose weight, be a better person and one that is always on my list organize the house after the holidays.  Now I know for some of you single peeps that is an easy day or two cleaning sprees.  But for some of us people it is an, oh my god my kids are home we wait till they head back to school cleaning spree.  Let's face it most moms who do this work full or part time jobs plus go to school.  This doesn't include the fact that most moms are actually taxi cabs and we are always on the move.  So how can we really make a go at this beginning of the year cleaning spree?  Well as a mom of four kids at home that not only works full time at a company, I work part time from home as well as working on my own company. The best suggestion is getting a plan.

When I start making my plans to get …

Kick Off To Black Friday Shopping!!

FROM 11/25/16 till 11/29/16 all items on my resale store ordered via the email system or leaving me a comment on the item page will get all items BOGO 50% off. That's right buy one item get the second of equal or lessor Value 50% off!!!! Also all orders $50.00 or more will get free shipping!!!  Store will have stock added all weekend. Local Sales can be met for immediate pickup!

Home Base!!!

When working from home plus running your own business things can get tricky when trying to locate a spot you can call your own.  Until this past Sunday I was was using a corner in my bedroom as my stock area as well as part of the dining room for my office. I however discovered that this  wasn't going to work very well since the man was already getting annoyed with the large amount of containers being left in the house.  But it all worked out because I actually started my own office on my enclosed porch. Now I know what your going to say, 'But Angie isn't that were you have your garden?'  Why, yes my loves it is. But since "Winter is coming!" and thanks to the last two storms that came through my garden has shrunk considerably. Since I need stock at hand and a place to craft I figured why not just take over the porch 100 percent.  Well not 100 because the kids like to use my big round table for their homework and who can complain with that.  I still hav…

Holiday Organizing

With the holidays coming up now is the best time to get yourself ready.  I can hear you now, "Angie its not even Halloween yet can you take the holiday stuff down a notch!" Well my loves this is a smooth plan that will help get you through the three major holidays this time of year.  Here is my helpful step by step guide on how to do this!
We are at the two weeks and counting before Halloween! Now would be a great time to make sure you are getting a jump on your holiday cleaning. Besides if you have not found a costume yet while you are starting to clean you can look for a costume as well.  Be creative because seriously how many Harley Quinn's and Jokers can there really be!A day or two before Halloween you can look over whichever decorations your going to keep up for Thanksgiving or what your putting away what screams to much Halloween.  I use totes for my seasonal decoration storage so I normally keep it near the door to remind myself to get it done on November 1st.The …